Thursday, February 24, 2005

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I am a young man who finds himself traveling all over the place. I was born in the island of Haiti and came to America in my early teens. I live in Boston. Sharing a big house with my aunt Gabby, her husband Louis and their children. I am a young black man. Just another brothaman lesbian olsen twins the hood.

Like any human being on the planet, I have my share of secrets. I stand sexy lesbian feet two inches tall and weigh two hundred and fifty pounds. I am a brothaman in every sense of the word. I have a secret that I keep from everyone. I am bisexual. I make it with boys and girls. That's how I do it. I haven't always been bi, though. Once, I was a regular straight boy. Heck, back when I was just thirteen, I fell in love with this girl named Saindya. She sexy lesbian was light-skinned and beautiful. I was just a geeky kid back then. I didn't free nudity lesbians how to talk with females. My best friend Manny stole Saindya Baretta from me. He slept with her and ditched her. He was a real bad-ass mofo.

Yeah, I've learned a lot of things since I came to America. I learned that while men appeared to rule the world, it wasn't necessarily true. Take tv for example. When a lesbian facesitting pictures hits a man, people think it's funny. When a man hits a woman, people think it's wrong. I happen to think violence against anyone is wrong. On tv, in the commercials you always see smart women and men acting dumb. That's not right. These issues go very deep. In America, a man's life can be ruined very easily by gallery teen lesbian woman. She can make a false accusation of anything from physical abuse to rape against him and people will believe her. The cops and prosecutors always think the man is bad and the woman is good. I sexy lesbian think badness is present in men and women. Evil is an equal opportunity offender.

I have become a bit of an activist in recent times. I tackle very controversial issues. You know what domestic violence is? A person abusing another person they live with. Cops think that men are always the perpetrators of this crime. You hear about violence against women. lesbians in sexy dresses all know violence against women exists. I don't like men who beat up their women. I also don't like women who beat up their vanessa williams lesbian photo miss Domestic Violence is a two-way street. I know this. The average smart person knows this. Cops and prosecutors don't. Radical feminists claim that domestic violence perpetrated by women against men is a myth. Oh, please. Gimme a break.

You see all the stuff I got to deal with? Geez! I needed a break. I decided to go to New York. newspapers gay and lesbians read took a Greyhound and went to Nassau county. I went there to stay at the residence of my aunt Veronica. sexy lesbian Veronica was a nice lady. She was smart vanessa williams lesbian photo cool. Sensitive without overdoing it. Strong without being an evil bitch. I liked her a lot. She had in her qualities that I admired in women. She welcomed me. I went to stay at her house. She lived alone. It was there that I met her young friend Deedee.

Deedee was a nice-looking young lady. About five foot nine, with real short hair and dark brown skin. She wore reading glasses. She had big tits and a lesbian experiences monica big ass. A nice-looking lady, even if she had some meat on her bones. She was my aunt's best friend. I took to Deedee instantly. Deedee seemed to like me. She had been taking care of my aunt since aunt Veronica split with her ex-fiance.

Deedee showed me around New York. We went to TRL, the spot I was used to seeing on MTV. I walked around Forty Second street. We also went to the beach. We went to the movie theaters and watched Will Smith battle Killer robots. We also saw Halle Berry as a bad-ass female taking on same sex marriage gay and lesbian rights guys and even facing off some really nasty bitches. We had fun. While we watched the movie, my hand brushed against Deedee's. She touched my hand and I held hers in mine. She looked at me. teen bikini models I looked at her. We both smiled. I liked holding her hand.

One time, my aunt was out at work. It was Deedee's day off. I was bored. Ok, so bored that I went to the video store and had to release some sexual tension. I bought a Bi-sexual Video. Something about sex in the fifties starring some white guy who used to be a straight porn adult lesbian fiction but switched over to Gay porn. I bet the dude must have lost a lot of fans. I was not a believer in this coming out of the closet business. If you are gay pornsar lesbians bisexual, keep it to yourself.

Yeah, so I was watching the video when I heard a knock on the door. I quickly took the vid out of the VCR and put it under the couch. I opened the door. It was Deedee. She was standing there, wearing an almost see-through white shirt and blue shorts. free sample lesbo looked nice.

"Hi, how's it going?" she said.

I looked her up and down. She smelled like she had just gotten out of bed but I didn't mind at all. I stories first lesbian experience had any in a long time. No dick. No pussy. What's a nice bisexual brothaman to do? I invited her in. I took her to the living room and gave her a drink. We started watching something on tv. Oh, yeah. That old show Now And Again on Sci Fi. It was very cool to watch. They don't make good tv like that anymore. Deedee sat real close to me and I touched her hand. She didn't move away. Feeling bold, I " accidentally" touched her leg. She said nothing and kept playing with my hand. We started really touching each other. I loved the way her body felt. All this heavy petting led to the bedroom.

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This was the first of my such moments like these for me and Deedee. I liked her a lot. She was nice. She was cool. She liked to take care of a man. She wasn't like those no-good man-haters I am so used to in Boston. Feminazis. A mature women and girls lesbian sex picture sweet, independent and yet feminine woman. The sex was good. Baby girl knew how sexy lesbian to make my toes curl. It's women like her that sometimes make me want to switch from closet bisexuality to full heterosexuality.

The End.

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